Impressies van Zinnig Noord – Storytelling 29 oktober @ Pllek

Q: What is magic?
A: The art of changing consciousness

Meditatieve oefeningen:
Kijk naar de verhalenverteller, en ervaar tegelijkertijd met je perifere blik je omgeving terwijl je jouw eigen lijf blijft voelen.
Loop door de ruimte terwijl je wisselt tussen gewaarwording van je lijf en je omgeving.
Zoek een plek op waar je met die manier van waarneming gaat schrijven.
…ik ga naar buiten, ga in het halfduister aan de waterkant op mezelf zitten en begin in het donker te schrijven…

beyond projection
oh how lonely!
oh how beautiful!
beyond the chatterbox monkey
writing as if in a dream
without seeing what i write
beyond labeling this or that
silence between words
empty space between lines
between in and out
on the treshold
betwixt and between

Observation: I am always on the treshold
Question: Do you want to enter?

Going into the labyrinth of the mind:
Q: Do you want to enter?
Y:  Yes I have to, I have been called

Down into the rabbit hole
up and down,
will tomorrow
bring me sorrow
just another day of searching
round and round we go
beware the gate-warden
into the deep
spiral dance
except seven
no one have returned
he who enters
abandon all hope
what dreams may come
Inanna in the underworld
meet the ancestors
confronting the shades
of fear and loathing
where is ariadne?
dread lady ereshkigal awaits
maman brigitte
nan soti anglete
om kali ma jaya!

Confronting my childhood fears of death and darkness
My grandfather died when I was four
Why did you have to go so soon?

Met dank aan Zinnig Noord – Storytelling 29 oktober @ Pllek

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