tanah lahir
Today I was invited to join a Tariqa
Is this an answer of my old dream of community-building? Will this help me to reconnect to my matrilineal ancestors? Am I willing to commit myself to this circle?
Seen this, done that in another lifetime, broke my heart when I had to choose for my own path when it diverged from the common ground.
So I questioned the Ummah: do we share a common vision, do we agree on methods and means?
For sure, I have to reconnect to the times and places when/where I grew up in the years of living dangerously.
I asked the oracle: is this the right path for what I have to do?

The Lady said: ‘Against the driving rain, the traveler returns. Just like a swallow homing to her nest. With clay she builds a rampart to keep out the rain. The rampart falls and is reduced to clay, so all is wasted.’

Comment: It feels like building a house on sand during the rainy season.
I am not so sure about really having a common ground, the grounding seems unreliable.

When asked to do a bonding ritual, it did not feel right to say yes.
Instead I renewed my commitment to my own Path.


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