Kipper & Tarot reading in comparison: what about twin souls?

Question is when will I meet my soulmate (“the one” I am waiting for)?

Kipper Answer:
I am not a believer of twin flame or soulmates.
…What I see here is that it will be definitely in this life time as you asked.
The circumstances look to be very encouraging.
I see that there has already been the gift or two along your life’s journey that has certainly helped you discover what is good or bad for you. Here I see you as a man with a wealth of experience. Now, as timing, I actually see that person already there around you. The best thing here is that you don’t have to do much… it feels with C 14 that you will be asking that person for some sort of help or perhaps responding to help. It will be a message of surprise and shock… someone who you already know.
I really get the feeling that they are around already.
My second take… as in timing. Being requested to return to a parent. This person will be on the “way”

Tarot answer:

 I asked when and got the 7 of wands. So… when you pick the courage up and go for it.
Ok, how will you notice. I still think you have already. I feel the tossing and turning at night an extreme attraction and an absolute lack of concentration and literally day dreaming.The cards may be telling us about someone you need to meet… but here I see a reaction soooo fast, it might need to calm. It feels utterly like a fire and explosion, and a fear to that, which will lead to avoidance.
Here I see you being a little more careful with this one… caus you know them
There are chances but only if this person is willing to make the sacrifice and I feel that it’s too hot to handle for them.

I think they are saying… you do know them and things need to mature without the fire.
concerning the Kipper spread: I have the tendency to respond to a call for help, playing the good knight to the damsel in distress

update on reading:
a few more hints and clues though.. a warning. You may hear what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear
First, passionate.. feeling the hear and also being a little dominant.. focused and ready for it.. it almost feels as if this person can’t really approach you romantically. Mixed with strength, you may have had an argument perhaps at some point. I checked to see if you did know the special person… and the relationship you have now is the 4 of wands. Before you start celebrating, this May also mean that it is someone in your friends circle… but yes, you have had something but it Seems to be quiet at the moment.
Now, I am quite sure that you see this as a person who has started again.. I have the feeling that this person never has a plan. You know the one who you ask.. want something to drink.. and they reply, oh please, but they can’t tell you what they want? I have the feeling here and also that they may be a little younger than you.
There seems to be fire on your side for this person, though I do still believe you are angry with them to a certain degree. Your true wish for them is to start making plans.. start thinking about doing things… and they literally want you to help them. Here is see perhaps they wish to be accepted as they are. This may also be a person who is having some sort of mental care and support. They are perhaps not at their best right now.
The relationship is already there. It is though innocent.


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