Month: October 2020

Asking the gypsy cards: how will job hunting go

Q: I’d like to know how Job hunting will go. A: center-focus card for job hunting: travelabove-thought: hoping for a good arrivalbelow-undercurrent: jealousy left-behind-uncounscious influences: judgementright-front-conscious act: letter interpretation:  you are already taking a lot of action for job-hunting, every time hoping for a good result, but being disappointed because somebody else was chosen. unconsciously your … Continue reading Asking the gypsy cards: how will job hunting go

Choosing a Tarot Deck 

So many decks to choose from... Hard-core traditionalists would prefer old Tarot te Marseille, but I find most old artwork too ugly for my modern senses. Other Traditional decks: Choose a Deck | Tarot Heritage On the other hand...modern versions of TDM sometimes diverge too much from the original tradition, almost becoming a Rider-Waite-Smith clone. … Continue reading Choosing a Tarot Deck 

The bare bones of the Oracle

Ancient Chinese put their questions in pictograms on tortoise or ox bones, then the diviner would put holes in the bone. After that, the diviner would apply so much pressure to the bone that it would crack. The diviner would interpret the cracks and inscribe the result on the bone. The underliying principle of this … Continue reading The bare bones of the Oracle

Wandelen in schoonheid

ik wandel  in schoonheid de schoonheid is voor mij de schoonheid is achter mij de schoonheid is boven mij de schoonheid is onder mij (vrij vertaald naar Navaho lied) ... Ik onderzoek de manier waarop wandelen heilzaam kan zijn voor lichaam en geest. Zomaar wat zegswijzen die ik tegenkom: 'Even wandelen, de benen strekken, het … Continue reading Wandelen in schoonheid

Interview with a new oracle deck:Tarot de Marseille

Casting of seven cards in a row, reading from left to right: 1. Please tell something about yourself Denier 6: value for money 2. What is your most important character trait? Epee 7: Resourcefulness 3. Your strengths as a deck of cards XVI LaMaisonDieu: Upending stagnation 4. Your weaknesses as a deck of cards XIIII … Continue reading Interview with a new oracle deck:Tarot de Marseille