Month: August 2020

Gypsy: what about second wave COVID in the Netherlands?

The soothsayer said…

The left 7 cards represent what has happened until now and the right 7 cards represent what will happen between now and the end of 2020.
Definitely struggled with this one since it is ‘medical’ but here we go: a man (Lover) with authority or in an official capacity (Officer) played by the rules/set the rules (Officer, can also be a medical professional) that declared COVID a big problem/problem on a large scale/state of emergency (Misfortune). The advice was given (Ecclesiastic) to stay home (House) and to stay around only your family members (House). This did not prevent people from dying (Death) …no idea what the Sweetheart would show here?
In the next few months there will still be a loss (or illness disappears?), people will be cared for (Widow), there will be a recovery (Journey), COVID will still be chronic (sadness) but there will be a positive upturn (gift) maybe due to a treatment (Marriage) that gives small improvements (some money)

My reading of the combos:
Lover-Officer: charming Rutte and stern Grapperhaus, played at good cop- bad cop in the media coverage on COVID restrictions
Officer-Disaster: at first, a strict lockdown caused economic disaster
Misfortune-Ecclesiastic: as a consequence of COVID, the Prime Minister became the leading consigiliere
Ecclesiastic-House: The consigliere dominated the House of Representatives.
Death-Sweetheart: Death came for many beloved ones
Sweetheart-Loss: Intimacy is lessened (because of strict rules on social distancing)
Loss-Widow: losses are to be mourned
Widow-Travel: Widows will follow the hearse
Travel-Sadness: The passing away (of people) causes sadness
Sadness-Gift: The sadness will be soothed by a gift (vaccin?)
Gift-Marriage: The vaccin will work on COVID
Marriage-Some Money: A new hope arises, tentatively


Kipper decision reading for a friend

Q: I think about quitting.. Should I ? Or Should I not?

A: reading from left to right..
Quitting: 22-13-32-28, confronting strict rules, shady business, reflecting on your worries
Staying: 36-7-11-14, hoping for good communications, receiving a profitable offer, but the promised luck is canceled

If you quit, you will reflect on you confrontation with the strict rules that caused you stress.
If you stay, your hope for good communications because of the profitable offer you received, will be proved false in the end.

Kipper Grand Tableau: prognosis after pension

Q:my pension starts half oktober, what is the prognosis for the period afterwards?

The first thing that strikes me in the picture is that you first have to sort and “find” yourself anew and that the pension is nevertheless connected with many fears.
And also the fear of getting old and losing your youthfulness C10 (journey) C13 (rich gent) C08 (dishonesty) and C24 (theft).
Behind the closed door at the C08 (dishonesty) is the C24(theft).
I have put 3 extra cards on top of it, what is it that makes you so afraid, where you don’t want to look or are afraid to look and that is fallen C32 (sorrow) and 2x the C05 (good gent).
Fear of getting old and also fear of becoming like your father?
Did your father become grumpy or aggressive in old age?
The C05 is mostly for the father – but can also stand for the grandfather.
You have seen something in a male relative that you don’t want to have – or how you don’t want to be. .
Your main topic is C09 (change). So the change…
What can still be seen here: are the injuries and feelings of abandonment that you experienced as a young man and as a child, which come up again: C13 (rich gent) C018 (child) C34 (work) C33 (gloomy thoughts) – and with that again old anger : C32 (sorrow)
Why? now you have the time to look at really old things again, to clean up and to heal. This will be sent to you again from “above”.
I have a young woman lying here C12 (rich girl). Is that your daughter or another female person?
It’s definitely a female person from the family – that the house – C20 (house) is with her.
There is a move to a house C09 (change) and C20 (house)…

Q: the C12 (rich girl) looks like moving?
A: yes.. under her C12 is C09 (change) and C20.(house).
But not away from you .. closer to you.. She wants more security and wants to get old with you C12 (rich girl) C07 (letter) C28 (expectation) C03 (marriage) C25 (honor).
I also think that she is hoping for your proposal to her.. C03 (marriage) and C25 (Conor)..
That is what her view is going to…

C09  (change) and C20 (house) could also show her wish of a change to a more “stabil Basis”
Some health issue I also see: C22 (military) and C31 (illness). Take care of your back and your joints. There I see a health issue

what is good to see: the last line in Future: C24 (theft) C25 (honours) C22 (military) C09 (change).
They (angels, good, Spirit – name it…) want you to have all the luck in the world they want to pour out happiness all over you – C 26 (Fortuna) – but this is only possible if you have “tidied up” beforehand and removed old themes from the way. Then the way is free for their presents..
In the past I can see, that you always have been a person who gave his “last shirt” for someone and a person with a big warm heart and willing to help everybody – but some people used this – C15 (Gift) C07 (letter) – C08 (dishonesty).

And I also see a dissapointment in a relationship C0 C03 C16 C14. You are on the way to leave this behind – because it is laying in the past.. but it would not be shown up in the picture, if this would not still have any influence on you. ..

I see MC1 in the 1st row meaning he is well situated despite worries
Q: Both in past and future there is 8-the False person
yes.. because things have went wrong in the past – and have triggered fears in you, which you have taken with you into the future, because they are not (yet) resolved. That means in the next months it is important to look at it, to look at it, to dissolve and heal it. Then you don’t need these fears anymore

Your soul is clearing the way for blessings to come – before you have to go through old subjects to untie yourself – than healing and a lot of blessings will come into your life.
The Healing light says: a miracoulus change will come full with unlimited blessings.. als a present for your Your courage to face these old issues again …


Kipper block of nine: what is the intention of this person towards the querent?

A-B-C=18-16-34 =conscious, thought
D-E-F= 3-8-22 =situation
G-H-I= 6-24-11=unconscious, behaviour

A-D-G=18-3-6= cause, hidden, past
B-E-H=16-8-24=present, focus
C-F-I=34-22-11=outcome, open, future


First impression:
18 a new beginning is being 16 thought of but ignoring 34 the hard work as a consequence
current situation,  8 as focus at the center…Hide a Knife in a Smile
3  the proposed ‘marriage’…might be a false front to hide 22 the domineering person behind the mask
behaviour: 6 the queen bee is stealing 11 energy

A-D-G=cause, hidden, past
3 a new beginning of a 3 joint venture is (secretly) engineered by 6 the queen bee
B-E-H=present, focus
16 high ideals are 8 obscuring  24 vampires
C-F-I=outcome, open, future
34 hard labour for 22 a dominating person who gets 11 all the credits

3 the ‘marriage’ is 16 an illusion created by 22 a dominating person who will 24 rob you

Skat cartomancy

To research: a bridge to Leno, Kipper, Zigeuner, Sybilla?

Ace Neuigkeit, Geschenk news, gift
King Arzt oder Beamter Doctor or Official
Queen falsche Dame, böse Gesinnung false woman, evil alignment
(way of thinking)
Jack Glück, Botschaft luck, message
10 Reise, großes Haus, Krankenhaus travel, big (official) house,   
9 güte Veränderung good change
8 Sorgen über (einen kleinen) Weg Worry over a small way (for a
short time)
7 Tränen, Trennung, Hindernis tears, separation, obstacle
Ace Haus house
King Er He
Queen Sie You
Jack Liebe love
10 Einladung invitation
9 große Freude oder gütes Ereignis Great joy or Good event
8 frohes Wiedersehen happy reunion
7 Liebe in Aussicht prospect of love
Ace Schrak, Krankheit Fright, sickness
King Älterer Herr older gentleman
Queen Dunkle Dame böse, Witwe oder allein dark evil woman, widow or
Jack falscher Freund false friend
10 Beruf profession
9 Verleumdung, Falschheit in nächster Zeit slander, falsehood in the near
8 Gefahr, Krankheit, Ärger danger, illness, anger
7 Kummer, Verlust, Streit,         Unannehmlichkeit grief, loss, strife, inconvenience
Ace Brief letter
King jünger Mann younger man
Queen Mädchen oder Frau girl or woman
Jack Glück Happiness
10 Geld, Gewinn money, profit
9 Vorteil geschäftlich business advantage
8 Neuigkeit geschäftlich news of business
7 Geld oder Kind Money or Child

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Grand Tableau Kipper: my first reading for somebody else

Q: I would ask if You See how it will go on with my husband

A: I will exercise GT for the first time, proceed with caution on your own risk 😉

you (2) and him (1) will meeting (again?) in private (21), a final solution (19) will be made to change (9) the current situation.
He will set boundaries (22) in a way that makes you sad (14)
You were thinking (36) of the stable household (20) that you had secured (25) before, but a new (18) rekindling of your love live (15) seems far away.
your confidence is taken away (24) by the possibility of a (younger?) rival (12) who seems to have more positive energy (26 &27) than you.
He (1) is doubting (32) whether you both can be intimate (31) again.
He (1) might be thinking for a long time (10) about dating (4) and committing (3) with somebody else in secret (8).
It looks like You (2) are not open for good advice (6 & 20).

second opnions on the web:
1-I don’t see a third party joining here …there is no substantiation for a third party interest in the spread …

2-I think he hides something (“False person” close to his card). You both are still very close and familiar (“Living room” between your card and his card”), but it seems, that something is coming to an end “death ” below the “living room”). Please talk with him, speak about your doubts, because it seems that there is only a wrong person or only a misunderstanding between you both (“False person”), but he doesn’t feel good at all (“Worries-” and “illness” card beside his card).

Block of 9 advise on a project

A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I =
gift-wealthy man-pathway-
unexpected income-journey-toil and labour

central theme: MESSAGE

A-B-C= concern: received an offer of a dilettant that needs much time
D-E-F= situation:  burdensome news expected
G-H-I= undercurrent: unexpected adventures costs effort

A-D-G=past: experiences with diminished gifts
B-E-H=present: the dilettant sends a message that causes a departure
C-F-I=future: a long time and effort

cross (+) = direct influences: the dilettant’s message sends me on a wild goose chase for a long time
diagonal (x) = indirect influences: timeo danaos et dona ferentes

diamond: D-B-F-H summation: hold your horses

update-second opinions from the web:
‘your project although lucrative may take a long time, will test your patience and may take the joy out of you in the process.’
‘toil & labour is a difficult card here…which means wasted effort…you will also have to wait very long for the results…’
‘As I see it on the cards – the project itself is very good — C17 + C13. Good Project / Idea but wrong time (C35 C28 C38). Advise of the cards: put the project – first of all – shelved. But dont loose the communication – C07. Communication is the central issue here. It comes to a later point in time and quite unexpectedly – C27. So be patient. Something good will come up for you later…’

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Interview with a new oracle deck Vera Sybilla Italiana

1. Please tell something about yourself
AMMALATO-malady: resting
2. What is your most important character trait?
SUPERBIA-haughtiness: pride
3. Your strengths as a deck of cards
LEGGEREZA-frivolity: humourous
4. Your weaknesses as a deck of cards
CONVERSAZIONE-conversation: gossip
5. What is the best way to work with you?
DOMESTICO-servant: effort
6. The result of our partnership
DOTTORE-doctor: healing
7. What else do you want to mention?
LETTERA-letter: you’ve got mail!


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