Month: December 2020

Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 4

In the aforementioned grand tableau, we still have to look at matters of the heart. A♥ is quite far from the significator in the past! Let's look at the influences surrounding A♥ 4♣-A♥: internal, the material foundation was good A♥-2♦: external, the good energy resulted in a balanced exchange Already mentioned...the position of Q♥: 3♣-Q♥-6♦: … Continue reading Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 4

Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 3

As shown in previous article, the querent will face challenges: much work for small profit. Let's look at these immediate influences around money: Q ♥ is directly above A♦ interesting... Looking at the box around Q ♥.... 10♥-8♥-7♥: energy is diminishing 3♣-Q♥-6♦: to harvest financial results, the Lady has to travel a lot. 2♣-A♦-7♠: some … Continue reading Grand Tableau yule 2020 part 3

Grand Tableau yule 2020 – part 2

As visible in previous article, on the vertical axis external-internal influences, the querent is subject to external influences (the cards above the significator), and has no internal influence at all (no cards below the significator): it seems that the querent experiences forces that are out of his control. Let's look more into the horizontal axis … Continue reading Grand Tableau yule 2020 – part 2

Grand Tableau yule 2020

For this grand tableau I use the card meanings of hedgewitchery cartomancy and the Coven of Cards combined with  some methods of the new world witchery guide to cartomancy I put the Joker as my significator in the complete deck and played the tableau in 4x13, leaving the last card out as a overall oracle for … Continue reading Grand Tableau yule 2020