Day: November 29, 2020

Lenormand reading

how will next two weeks develop?
it looks like that you are waiting for someone…. literally someone.
You are worried about where this relationship/friendship will lead to.
There is confusion at the moment just exactly what will come from this and that is leading to a lot of worry.
This looks to be that this doubt will clear.
This friend (I can’t say if it is romantic or not) of yours you can expect to have rules put into place.
I still see the middle that this is someone you are not at all sure about, this will be cleared up quite quickly.
Part of me thinks this is an ex colleague asking for support?
All I can tell you is that there will be an end to the worry… and this is a good relationship.

Kipper reading for a friend

“can you ask how things will develop in the next 2 weeks for work? anything positive coming up?”

16 his thoughts-12 rich girl-22 military person
10 journey-2 SIGNIFICATOR-26 great fortune
24 thief-35 long way-3 marriage

intrepretation, using ‘bavarian method’ significator box:
in your mind there is the strong wish to become a successful woman in the world of men.
currently fortune is still elusive, leaving your current place might work better.
you feel (correctly) that you have to go a very long way before you get the good match. you still have to confront that what steals your energy!