Day: November 12, 2020


The Runes started talking to me after I read Ralph Blum’s Book of Runes, along with the Runic Poems.
Blum made his own intuitive approach on the Runes, so I use this way of looking alongside the available scientific documentation.
My working with the Runes became challenging when I met Folkish Asatru who insisted on Aryan bloodlines (not available in my ancestry).
Then it felt like cultural appropriation to keep working with the Runes. Suprisingly I still feel some affinity with Grimnir. Go figure !

Using the runes as ‘gates’, chanting the sounds, imitating the rune-forms in your body…reminds me of certain Hindu-magick practices.
Singing and carving the runes for trance work and/or magick sounds like seidhr/galdr as hinted in the Edda and Sagas.
Besides the magical part , there is also the religious part, considering the idea that Freya taught Seidhr and Odin taught Runes…
IMHO connecting with the Nordic Gods and Spirits is prerequisite of working with Runes, Seidhr, Galdr.

See: The Book of Runes – Ralph Blum –