Unboxing Roopa Dudley Kipper

First of all: I love the Frida Kahlo vibe in Roopa Dudley‘s Kipper cards

This deck is definitely not for beginners, it assumes experience/knowledge on Kipper:

Kipper  cards from 1920 are depicted such that Hauptperson 1, Gute Herr (5), and Reicher GuterHerr (13) all face to the left, and their partners Hauptperson 2, Gute Dame (6), and Reiches Maedchen(12) all face to the right.
Falsche Peron (8) & Truebe Gedanken (33) faces right, Eine Reise (10) & Ein Langer Weg (35) diagonal top left, Seine Gedanken (16) & Diebstahl (24) &  Erwartung (28) faces left, Todesfall (19) diagonal bottom right, 

Kipper cards from 1890 are depicted the other way around, Roopa follows the same directionality based on The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper Cards

There is some discussion going on about the source of this  so-called ‘traditional Bavarian way of Kipper reading’ , passed on by an unmentioned elderly Bavarian lady, up till now not confirmed yet by independent documentation and research.
I consider this a purely academic discussion in the same way as the discussion concerning the ‘traditional way of cartomancy’  (passed on by hereditary witches or whatever).

Anyway, I really love this deck, especially because it was a personal gift from the artist!
I saw on YouTube  some confusion about directions…
Roopa  provided two sets of Main Characters with opposite directions, to enable reading for same-sex relations, I like this addition really.

There are some nice easter eggs hidden in the artwork, I still have to discover the clue in Militaerperson (22)…

I am just wondering about the extra cards, I would like to see description in the accompanying booklet about the extra cards:  failure, romance, nostalgia, fortuneteller, circus, inspiration, cosmic connection, mastermind, social media, leisure, playmate, workmate!


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