52 PICK-UP CHALLENGE  2022 – Joker

Buy your cards, think about what you want to do but most importantly … embellish the jokers

What to do with the Jokers?
They are considered ‘wild cards

An approach is to identify the “black” Joker with a rank of zero with the Fool and the “red” Joker with the Magician also known as “the Juggler”

According to the Hedgewytchery system:

The firstmost rule is easily had:
Red cards are good and black cards are bad.  

Red Joker: Magician
Neutral Joker: Significator
Black Joker: the Fool

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4 thoughts on “52 PICK-UP CHALLENGE  2022 – Joker

  1. Some brainstorms on the Joker:
    Harlequin, Herlechen, Wild Man, Wild Hunt, Wodan
    Dark Joker: Destructive chaos as in Batman.
    Red Joker: Positive chaos as the Heyoka (Contrary Man) in Native American Tradition.


  2. I consider the Dark Joker as the most disruptive manifestation of Eshu Legbara.
    In this case The Red Joker is the most positive aspect of chaos/change


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