… You can either buy a brand-spankin’ new deck or use one that’s been shuffled lots of times.
Doesn’t matter unless you prefer a shabby chic and vintage look, then go with a used deck.
I highly recommend you get your cards bought or dig through your closets to find a full set.
Do it now before this Challenge begins.
Make it easier on yourself and buy the standard-size (not jumbo) deck of cards.
Beginning on January 2, and each week thereafter (always on Sunday) I will assign a card right from the deck.
You are to choose the same card I recommend and do with it whatever it is that your little ole heart desires.
Dress the heck out of it, I say. But just one side. I highly recommend the side that has the suit and number. This way, all the backs will be uniform.
Turn that card into a work of art. Make it pretty. Make it artsy. Make it scary. Make it masculine. Make it girly. Make it sports-related. Make it festive. Or go with a theme and have all 52 cards with a common denominator or keep them all to just a couple of the same colors. Make it your own.
One thing you might want to keep in mind is the thickness of each card. I highly recommend not going overboard with thick items (you’ll see why below.)
You might wish to decorate the card that fits with the week. Have a relative’s or a friend’s birthday that falls in that week? Decorate it for him/her. Is there a holiday that week? Decorate it accordingly.
There will also be prompts each week, in addition to which card to use. You must follow the prompts – remember that! It’ll be time for you to put your imagination to work.
I’m supposing you’re wondering what to do with these cards as we finish up the year, right?
Well, my personal preference is to punch a hole in the top left corner and hang them from a binder ring. That’s what I’ll be doing with mine!
All decks of cards come with two jokers. Please use these as your front and back covers. Don’t forget to put some clothes on both sides of them, too.
The reason I’m rolling out this Challenge early is so that you can be prepared: Buy your cards, think about what you want to do but most importantly, way before January 2, embellish the jokers (front and back covers.)
At the end of the year, you will have 52 cards plus your two jokers and all bound together with just one ring – or however you prefer.
THEN the real fun will begin.
At the end of 2022, go on and mount these altered playing cards onto a card base. Bam! Your card is finished except for the envelope. Genius, right? See what I mean about decorating the card according to what occasion falls in that week?
Use these altered playing cards on a journal page.
Turn these altered playing cards into a mini book.
Or for even more fun … TRADE THEM in 2023 – but not until then! Don’t worry … it’ll be here before we blink twice.
I will keep the entire 52 weeks prompts on this post, most current just under the text.
Please follow the prompts, have fun and be sure to share your card each week.
If you have questions, please ask so that we’re all on the same page.
Ready? Set? Go!
Collect your items. Devise a plan. Get ready to have fun with your art shenanigans. And remember … you don’t have to take my prompts literally. Think outside the box.

Source: Cynthia Moon

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