Day: February 13, 2009

What does it mean, to be Human?

Questioning myself, not knowing the answer yet, finding other people challenging the same issue:"Humans are....""To be human is....""I am human because....""What makes us human is..."YouTube - The "Humans" Project Blogged with the Flock BrowserQ blogspot

Ubuntu: African Humanism for the whole world

Re-evaluating  my thoughts on humanism, I am very inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy as stated by Tutu, Mandela, popuarized by Madonna, digitalized by Linux: Nelson Mandela said: "A traveller through a country would stop at a village and he didn't have to ask for food or for water. Once he stops, the people give him … Continue reading Ubuntu: African Humanism for the whole world


Recently I started to clean up my hyves connections, throwing out everything & everybody that did not fit in with my current mood.Considering the need to write more personal comments on my hyves, I questioned the presence of several lurkers on my hyves:Should this person really know my heartfelt ramblings? No way!The same happened with … Continue reading Defriending