Recently I started to clean up my hyves connections, throwing out everything & everybody that did not fit in with my current mood.
Considering the need to write more personal comments on my hyves, I questioned the presence of several lurkers on my hyves:
Should this person really know my heartfelt ramblings? No way!
The same happened with several hyves groups: I questioned myself: how often do I really feel the need to post any comment on that community?
Zero? So I dumped a lot of communities.

Feels like a rough way of cleaning up of the mess I made with just accepting any connection on hyves.

Ah well, let’s chop some more wood…

Inspiration: Defriend – Encyclopedia Dramatica

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2 thoughts on “Defriending

  1. Interesting process, I read somewhere that it seems to be a trend … 🙂 I rarely go to my hyves account … but I think that you need to be prepared to have anything you post anywhere online is kind of open for the public …


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