Third Goddess Procession Amsterdam

The day before, I felt the need to go to Haarlem. Surprise! Found a wayang golek representation of Srikandi, the one I have been wishing for, to keep my other wayang golek (Irawan) company.
A beautiful pair! Truly, the spirits guided my feet to the right place, they are really helping me to connect to my roots and my ancestors!
Rainy, cold, clammy… only the real diehard dedicated people showed up. And even then it was not easy to hold the group together during the procession, people have the tendency to straggle, even with a watchdog herding the rearguard.
An aged passer-by asked: ‘is this a Maria procession?’. I nodded Yes, for Maria is another face of the Goddess.
The weather cleared during the procession till the very end in the Green Chapel.
Afterwards it started raining cats and dogs…
Why I am doing this? Because I feel the Call to do this. It is Sacrifice, Worship on the altar Aknostos Theos. It is a way of saying ‘Thank you’ to the Universe.

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