Sol conjunct Luna in Pisces

A Master instructing His Disciple…

Shapeshifting between these roles:
I have been the one or the other in diverse circumstances: the teacher, the student.

Learning different things in each role:
– Adapting the teaching to the level and the need of the student.
– Accepting the lessons I had to learn the hard way

Preparing myself for the theme ‘in search of the miraculous’ :
Realising I like to share skill & knowledge; I have to tune in to time, place and persons.
The setting is a liberal church, but in one room there are regular meetings held by an evangelical group: the presence of Elohim-banners create a special vibe!
Recently I was inspired by Angelic energies…this path might be suitable for this meeting!
On the other side: I feel the need of coming out with my personal path, will this mix well with the followers of the White Christ?

Decisions, decisions

Inspiration: Pisces 18-19 A Master Instructing His Disciple

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