Another cartomancy method

Source: Carolina Playing cards

Meaning in the Cards

To begin, the cards are divided into three groups they are: 1) The Four Areas of Life 2) The States of Being and 3) The Players in the Game of Life.

The Four Areas of Life

The four suits in a deck of Playing Cards represent four areas into which life can be divided. These four areas cover the totality of human experience. They are:

  1. Hearts represent love, friendship, and close relationships.
  2. Diamonds represent business and money matters.
  3. Clubs represent creativity, energy, hard work, and rewards.
  4. Spades represent change, the unexpected, and warning.

The four suits have other association as well such as the four seasons, the four elements, etc…
It is also interesting to note that the four suits also correspond to four classes in society during the time in which playing cards came about.
That is, Hearts relate to the clergy; Diamonds to merchants and bankers; Clubs to Royalty; and Spades to military personnel. 

Such associations help to flesh out your readings and bring an added depth to your divinations. For example, when the Queen of Diamonds appears in a reading, it may indicate a woman of business

The States of Being 

The ten numbered, or Pip, cards represent various states of being or dimensions of human existence. Each card is associated astrologically with the planets in our solar system which, in turn,  also carry their own associations.  For this reason, playing cards lend themselves well to any astrologically based card spreads such as the Clock of Horoscope. 

  • Ace (Sun)- Ego, sense of self, conscious will.
  • Two (Moon)- Emotions, creativity, instincts. 
  • Three (Mercury)- Communication, commerce, travel
  • Four (Venus)- Affection, love, the arts
  • Five (Mars)- Aggression, force, sexual desire.
  • Six (Jupiter)- Expansion, good luck,  abundance, wisdom.
  • Seven (Saturn)- Discipline, restriction, limitation
  • Eight (Uranus)- Freedom, change, upheaval.
  • Nine (Neptune)- Perception, illusions, imagination
  • Ten (Pluto)- Destruction, Transformation, Rebirth

Players in the Game of Life 

The Court, or Trump, Cards represent twelve archetype into which human beings can be divided. These archetypes are based on the twelve signs of the zodiac, and again, they carry their own associations. 

  • King of Clubs (Aries- The Leader) outward appearance, ego, self identity.
  • King of Diamonds (Taurus- The Provider) money and material matters.
  • King of Spades (Gemini- The Judge) communication, siblings, short journeys.
  • King of Hearts (Cancer- The Adviser) home and family.
  • Queen of Clubs (Leo- The Achiever) love, children, and creativity.
  • Queen of Diamonds (Virgo- The Supporter) health, work, and pets.
  • Queen of Spades (Libra-The Worrier) marriage, agreements, and partnerships.
  • Queen of Hearts (Scorpio- The Healer) sex and death.
  • Jack of Clubs (Sagittarius-The Adventurer) spiritual growth, dreams, and long journeys.
  • Jack of Diamonds (Capricorn- The Gambler) career, ambition, profession.
  • Jack of Spades (Aquarius- The Trouble-Maker) friends, associations, and open enemies.
  • Jack of Hearts (Pisces- The Lover) karma, transformation, and self-undoing.

represent a person of either gender, whose connection to the seeker is indicated by the suit. Jacks are read as potential, influences not yet fully formed. Hence the Jack of Hearts may represent a potential lover.

represent a female connected to the seeker, or the seeker herself. The suit will indicate how she is connected to the seeker, or to the question asked. Queens are read as emotional, fluid, and wavering.

represent a male connected to the seeker, or the seeker himself. Again, the suit will indicate how he is connected to the seeker, or to the question asked. Kings are read as logical, fixed, and possibly stagnant.



The suit of Hearts relates to the emotions. They often represent issues of love, friendship, and close relationships.

  • Ace- Good tiding! The beginning of a relationship, the arrival of a lover, or a new friend. Good news. A love letter. Love and romance.  
  • Two- An enjoyable encounter with another person.  Flirtation. Warmth.  
  • Three- A lack of or an inability to commit to a person, place of thing.
  • Four- Real love. A stable, committed and secure relationship. 
  • Five- Significant change in a relationship. Divorce, separation, or the the loss of a lover.
  • Six- Healing, peace, and harmony.  
  • Seven- The return of an old flame or friend, usually an unreliable person. 
  • Eight- Strength and intensity in a relationship which may be business or personal. 
  • Nine- Waning more out of a relationship that what there is. 
  • Ten- Romance, love, and prosperity.  Possible Marriage.
  • Jack- A sweet young man who likes to please but who can sometimes be distant. 
  • Queen-  An attractive woman who’s fun loving facade belies intense passions. 
  • King- A goal-oriented man with a clear vision.  


The suit of Diamonds relate to money and finances. It often represents those things that you value. 

  • Ace- Windfall, receiving something of value. Success and achievement. 
  • Two- Good news regarding money. Improvement in your financial outlook. 
  • Three- Confusion or Indecision regarding money or things of value. 
  • Four- Financial stability and security. 
  • Five-  A change in finances for good or bad. 
  • Six- Need to exert control and assume responsibility for your finances. 
  • Seven- A warning of financial trouble. Be careful with your investments. 
  • Eight- An unexpected opportunity that promises to bring gain. 
  • Nine- A financial expense. 
  • Ten- The benefits of money. Enjoyment, health, and abundance. 
  • Jack- A motivated young man who lacks the financial means to bring about his vision. 
  • Queen- A practical and sensible woman.  She is resourceful and fun to be around. 
  • King- A successful and easy going man with a talent for making money. 


The suit of Clubs is associated with represent creativity, energy, hard work, and rewards.

Ace- The birth of an idea or project.  Inspiration. Transformation and growth. 
Two- Minor setbacks starting or finishing a project. 
Three- Big responsibility with little reward.  Stress.
Four- Safety, security, and stability. 
Five- Reaping the benefits of hard work. Success and renown. 
Six- Putting off work that needs to be completed. 
Seven- Goal not working out as planned. Trial and error. Reevaluation. 
Eight- Delays and disappointment. Forging ahead despite discouragement. 
Nine- Completion of a project or life phase.  Rite of passage. 
Ten- Change on the horizon.  Good fortune awaits. 
Jack- An honest, hardworking young man. 
Queen- An energetic, driven woman with an eye for detail. She knows what she wants and how to get it.   
King- A serious, determined, and level-headed man.  He is fair and decisive but gives a lot of consideration before making decisions. 


The suit of spades represents struggles and the difficulties of life; often associated with secrets, enemies and obstacles.  
Ace- Change. Endings.  The old gives way for something new. 
Two- A decision preceded or followed by separation between two people. 
Three- Inability to make good choices. Lacking proper information. Stress.
Four- The return of stability to any area it is lacking.  
Five- Depression and sadness.  Fear of change and the unknown. 
Six- A situation needs to be dealt with; courage and action are called for. 
Seven- Loss of fear. Ready to do what is needed to make a desire change. 
Eight- Crossroads. Controlling circumstances of change rather than being controlled by them. 
Nine-  Impending loss of a person, place, or thing brings the motivation for change. 
Ten- Worry or grief brought on by bad news, ill health, or some kind of loss. 
Jack- An quiet, brooding young man. An antisocial troublemaker. 
Queen- A clever, self-assured woman. She speaks the truth but lacks the ability to soften her words so that they are not hurtful.  
King- A reserved, calculating man.  He often holds you accountable for your mistakes but has a desire to teach you responsibility.  

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