Twelve of hearts reading

Q”How can I find my twin soul?”


Queen of Clubs ~ 9 of Spades ~ Queen of Hearts / 5 of Clubs

The energy you bring to this question is one of having given a lot and now you’re wondering when you will receive. You feel it’s your turn to be rewarded for all that you have given.
It is, indeed, a balance of give and take.
You must receive as well as provide.
This is a Universal law.
It seems that what has brought you to this point is a strong relationship, friendship, or connection with a warm, vibrant, high-energy person.
Does this resonate with you?
Was this an important relationship that is no longer part of your life?
The underlying issue is one of deep depression and despair.
You may feel like finding your twin soul is a hopeless scenario.
There is profound, genuine grief here, perhaps for what you feel you have lost.
The outcome, however, is positive!
To find your twin soul – who is warm, emotional, caring, and nurturing – you will need to let your natural intuition guide you.
It seems that physical activity or events might lead you to your twin soul.
Hanging out at the gym, going on long walks with a walking group, taking up a sport and attending those events and training days… these are all ways in which it is likely that you will cross paths with your twin soul.
As you would expect, you and your twin soul are “on the same page” about your relationship.
You click. You resonate. It’s a mutually satisfying connection.

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