Tricube Tales – Teenage Ghostbusters at the Lighthouse

A week ago, a strong reality storm passed Gotham , and afterwards the sky stayed both gloomy and stormy…
The beacon of the lighthouse went out!

After af few days, four scouts rowed to the lighthouse to investigate, but they never returned….

Now another team was sent on a mission of investigation and rescue!

Jeffrey and Rudolph were reunited recently thanks to the intervention of Gatekeeper Maggie ,  this time they joined the rescue team together…

Rowing to the lighthouse during the strange weather was very challenging, just in sight of the lighthouse the boat hit a rock!

The scouts barely succeeded to swim to the lighthouse…

At the beach they were met by the crew who quickly took them inside:
Old William the senior keeper of the lighthouse and two junior keepers, Mandy and Thomas…

The keepers seemed very gloomy, unwilling to say very much:
‘a week ago, when we expected the supply boat to come, the weather was very strange, both gloomy and stormy; we heard a loud crashing and screaming but did not dare to go outside till now’

Amanda arranged some dry clothing, warm food and lodging for the scouts.
She was in a foul mood, grumbling all the time: ‘those useless men never do any housekeeping….I should have stayed at the mainland in stead of following the pipe-dream of that bastard’
Jeffrey noticed that Mandy’s right eye was bruised…
Apparently she recently had a violent row with Thomas!

When Rudolph approached Thomas, another drama was discovered:
‘She cheated on me! That dirty old man  will pay for this!’

Speaking with William uncovered some more details:
‘After mourning for Elaine for such a long time it became very lonely here till the juniors came here. Mandy is not happy with her friend, so we comforted each others for a while’

While the scouts were investigating the lighthouse, they discovered that the lighting did not work properly.
Every time when they tried to fire up the lights in the engine room, it went down again while the room  became freezing cold!
Thomas, the person who was responsible for the upkeep of the machinery, confirmed this phenomenon: ‘we have some gremlins active here’

One of the scouts heard a female voice screaming as a banshee:
‘Go away! He is mine! I will get my revenge’
It was not clear where this voice came from!


Investigating the beach, they found a body, apparently drowned a week ago after the crash…badly battered by the tides after laying a week at the stony beach…but wait…some bite marks at the neck, as if this person was bitten by something with very long and sharp teeth!

Returning to the lighthouse, the scouts heard Mandy screaming…the moment they arrived at her room the body was already laying on the floor with bite-marks in the neck!

Checking on Willam’s room resulted in the same gruesome sight…he was also killed in the same way….

The scouts decided to confront shifty-eyed Thomas….his alibi had many holes in it….: ‘I was alone at work in the engine-room and heard some screaming’

In the end the scouts decided to act as judge, jury and executioner
If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly’

After doing the deed, they found an old rowing boat in the cellar…
They escaped with their lives this time!

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