Remember 911

In memoriam Salvador Allende On September 11, 1973, a coup led by Augusto Pinochet (See Chilean coup of 1973) resulted in the overthrow of Allende and the establishment of a military dictatorship. (CBS) The CIA is acknowledging for the first time the extent of its deep involvement in Chile, where it dealt with coup-plotters, false propagandists and assassins.

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4 thoughts on “Remember 911

  1. Uncle Sam maakt een hele hype omtrent 911, telkens weer die beelden van het vliegtuig dat door Twin Towers heen vliegt.
    Het was de perfecte aanleiding voor Bush om de vermoorde onschuld uit te hangen en zijn grote kruistocht aan te gaan.

    Maar wat zoveel mogelijk onder het tapijt wordt weggemoffeld is het gegeven, dat het Pinochet-regime, dat op een ander 911 met medewerking van Uncle Sam in Chili werd geïnstalleerd, een veelvoud aan doden heeft veroorzaakt.

    Aangezien de regering van de USA wel vaker de neiging heeft zich op ongeoorloofde wijze in te mengen in de autonomie van andere landen, heeft het vele vijanden gekregen.

    b]911[/b] heeft in Amerika mythische proporties aangenomen, als rechtvaardiging voor de invallen in Afghanistan & Irak, het opzetten van martelkampen in Guatanamo etc.
    De leus is steeds ‘remember 911’ zoals ze destijds riepen ‘Remember the Alamo’.

    Tegenover de leus ‘remember 911’, zeg ik ‘yeah, remember Salvador Allende’


  2. Canto General de Chile 1994
    Germinaba en las terrazas
    Op de terrassen ontkiemde

    el maíz de las altas tierras
    het mais van de hoge velden

    y en los volcánicos senderos
    en over de vulkanische velden

    iban los vasos y los dioses
    gingen hoeven en goden.

    La agricultura perfumaba
    De akkerbouw doortrok van geur

    el reino de las cocinas
    het domein van de keukens

    y extendía sobre los techos
    en spreidde over de daken

    un manto de sol desgranado
    een mantel van gedorst zonlicht.

    Pablo Neruda


  3. Published on Monday, September 11, 2006 by the Agence France Presse
    Global Media Abhors US Response to 9-11

    Newspapers across the world have strongly criticised the US response to September 11, accusing the Bush administration of bungling its “war on terror” and squandering global goodwill by invading Iraq.

    On the fifth anniversary of Al-Qaeda’s assault on New York and Washington, editorials united Monday in condemning the attacks and expressing revulsion for the Islamic extremists who carried out the atrocity.

    While papers said many people were still grappling with the immensity of what happened on that day, nearly all agreed the world had since become a more dangerous and uncertain place.

    Much criticism, especially in the Midde East and Europe, was reserved for US President George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq under the banner of the “war on terror”.

    The New York Times acknowledged the United States had lost the feeling of unity and purpose which gripped the nation in the aftermath of the attacks, and lamented a lost opportunity.

    “When we measure the possibilities created by 9/11 against what we have actually accomplished, it is clear that we have found one way after another to compound the tragedy,” said the paper’s editorial.

    Summing up the mood in the British press, the Financial Times said: “The way the Bush administration has trampled on the international rule of law and Geneva Conventions, while abrogating civil liberties and expanding executive power at home, has done huge damage not only to America’s reputation but, more broadly, to the attractive power of Western values.”

    German daily Handelsblatt said the war in Iraq had been erroneously started in the name of September 11, while Spain’s El Pais said the Bush administration used the attacks to impose a neo-conservative foreign policy.

    “The result, five years after, is a more dangerous world,” El Pais said.

    The criticism, and in particular the condemnation of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, was echoed in newspapers across the Middle East and Asia.

    Many Arab newspapers said the US campaign and the invasion of Iraq had pushed the world closer to a clash of civilisations between the West and the Muslim world.

    “Instead of isolating and wiping out Al-Qaeda, Bush has created a long list of new foes in his ever-broadening war on terror,” Lebanon’s Daily Star said.

    “In doing so, he has bolstered the popular impression that the United States is waging a crusade against Islam — an impression which Al-Qaeda skillfully exploits in order to gain more support.”

    Egypt’s semi-official Al-Ahram compared Bush to the mastermind of the attacks Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

    “Five years ago, the history of the world changed twice, once in the hands of Bin Laden and his gang, and once in the hands of Bin Bush and his administration.”

    The Al-Ghad daily in Jordan was similarly critical saying: “The administration of George W. Bush used a vengeful mentality in dealing with the 9/11 crime and has turned the entire world into a battleground.”

    Many newspapers in Iran speculated that Washington staged the attacks so that it could justify attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Iraq, meanwhile, ignored the anniversary altogether with not a single mention of it in the press.

    In Pakistan, a key US ally in the battle against Al-Qaeda, The News daily wrote a hard-hitting editorial entitled “Five Years of Nothing”.

    “Looking back it would be hard to say whether the years have been spent in something meaningful or constructive,” it said. “Many would agree the world is a more dangerous place and the United States is nowhere close to winning the war on terror.”

    The US administration received some support from the media in Australia, where the government has been a staunch supporter of US policy since the 2001 attacks.

    The Australian newspaper said terrorist strikes against Western interests since 9-11 in London, Madrid, Indonesia and elsewhere had left no doubt the world faced a concerted attack by extremists.

    “Radical Islam is corrupting impressionable minds, encouraging disaffected youth and the newly converted with a poor understanding of faith to offer their lives as suicide bombers in what is essentially a political campaign.”

    In Thailand, The Nation said the impact of September 11 on Asia was much bigger than people wanted to admit, while in the Philippines the Manila Times said the damage was so great that many were still trying to cope.

    “We are still shocked by the number of lives that were lost that day, close to 3,000. And we still remember how dread enveloped the world like a thick black shroud.

    “But 9/11 left us with a deeper sense of loss, a loss of innocence. We are still trying to comprehend how hatred could drive people into a senseless act of violence. It is that loss that we find it hardest to get over.”


  4. It is the 11th of September again, and for me this date means above all that the commemoration of the massacre of Sabra and shatilla committed by the Israelis and their proxies against innocent Palestinian and Lebanese citizens on the 16th of September 1982 is near.

    No the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon in New York are of no importance to me compared to attacks on my people and their lives.
    And yes I am ethno-centric and selective in my indignation and in assessing human suffering just like the western populations are, so maybe now we can call it even.

    Nevertheless, one problem makes it hard to do so, and that is the continuous character of the genocide inflicted on my people and the peoples of the third world.
    Only last month another massive attack was launched against the people of Lebanon causing the deaths and injuries of many thousands of innocent civilians most of them women and children.
    While we succeeded in defeating the Israeli military attack, their airplanes in their typical cowardly manner, succeeded in turning the southern suburb of Beirut into another ground zero.
    Us Arabs, we have many of those grounds, Gaza, the west-bank, the whole of Iraq and more.
    So this alone makes our 9/11’s, the continuous series of 9/11’s more important in terms of actuality and timing.

    The main issue here is that regardless of the chosen targets, the Attack of 9/11 has a strong karma factor about it.
    The United States as the most violent aggressor nation in this world, who is responsible directly and indirectly for the violent deaths of millions of people in the third world could not stay spared on its own territory from the wrath of the peoples.
    Its financial and military machines that constitute the backbone of capitalism in its wildest form can not be considered by any sane and well informed individual on this planet to be innocent.
    The financial and military claws of capitalism are a murderous machine, and capitalism kills by hunger, by disease, by exploitation leading to desperation and poverty and war.
    And it is not because some medicines like communism failed to treat the capitalist disease that the disease itself is no more a problem and that no other remedies should be sought.

    You have your 9/11 and we have ours, just like you have your truth and we have ours.
    And just like you focus on what you consider as being your defining calamity, we are focusing and together with us billions of people on this planet are focusing on what we consider to be our defining calamity, and that is your capitalist, imperial and colonial order that can not be but criminal and that is ethically bankrupt since the time your grand fathers built your wealth upon the agony and the blood of Africans and Asians and Indians.
    History does hold a grudge

    Dyab Abou Jahjah


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