Reisblog: Yogyakarta, Guanyin orakel 11

Lot 11

To gain a victory is a rare event. Among the family there is a bitter strife. By luck, the arrow will hit the running deer. A savior will be found to lead the way.

In this scene, misfortune turns out to be fortune and whatever you plan to do with successful. Changes and upheavals lie ahead but no one will be harmed. If you need consultation or guidance, consult your noble patron. There will be good fortune for your household and no risk to you personally. Business deals will be concluded and money will be made. Matrimonial arrangements will be made and a woman will give birth to a son. The prospect of silkworm industry and raising cattle will be fair. The missing will soon appear and a visitor will arrive. Things which have disappeared will be found in the east. Migration should be encouraged. The sick will be cured and ancestral graves will bring blessings.

Poem No. 11

Meaning: Profit from a misfortune; Gain from a loss.


Release the pain and grief by seeking the healing through meaningful activities. Turn the crisis into an opportunity for growth, which brings blessing and good fortune.

When the higher being closes one door, he opens another door. When one way is blocked, another one will surface. You may have to let go of something to gain something else.

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