Consultation of a truthsayer

…would like to know if an organisation they are in is “CULT-LIKE” in nature  and whether it could hurt spiritually / mentally.

1. The intentions of the organisation regarding their members (set the intention to show positive cards if they want to help members grow etc and negative if it is an ill intentioned org).

1. We have no drama cards
2. We do have challenging cards
This shows me that the Organisation is not one of ill intent but they do have some “business issues” in that they probably keep some of the transactions hidden and are not totally transparent
But not a cult – just a secretive Organisation

2. How Q will fair spiritually from the membership with this organisation.

We have 6 awesome wellbeing cards and only one troublesome – the cross where it sits with stork above shows me that the querent could actually benefit in the long term as it will aid them letting go of past trauma or painful issues … with tower central it could be an awesomely long and good effect on the querent
So in short – no not a cult and could actually be beneficial for querent’s wellbeing


The anchor and Dog show up. Well stablish belive system and loyalty.
They are a new organization that has a lot of money to spend tower + child + fish
There are some secrets regarding what they are committed to and their well-being is not known (ring + book + bear)
There will be a stressful change that brings stressful communication (stork + birds + rider)

It was cause discord with friends and she is going to experience miscommunication (dog + whip + letter) or maybe it’s referring to the membership itself will cause issues.
A partner or man will be upset about her membership (man + clouds + ring)
But ultimately her well being will be long term and stable (sun + tower + anchor)

What are the intentions of this organisation towards its members?
This looks as though they have a bit of a downer on things. Nothing intrinsically bad about the people, but some undermining of how members feel about themselves and a loop of anxiety around changes. It’s like saying, don’t be too optimistic.


How will the client fare spiritually?
Assuming the querent is a woman – she’s on top of it all, the more challenging cards are behind her but still pose a little discomfort. Otherwise she’ll be fine and committed to these changes – spiritually it may involve some journeying.
Overall I don’t believe it’s a cult but they are prone to being negative Nellies. The client isn’t letting this weigh her down though and may gain some good spiritual benefits.

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