Santa Muerte enters the field – 02


take action while constantly bearing the past in the mind, without being afraid of having to change your ideas, even drastically

For me it is important to honour the accomplishments and the knowledge of the past  (my ancestors and my own experience) without getting stuck in outdated practice.

Recently I have been reviewing my methods of cartomancy, looking at accumulated results of study.

I have learned many things from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the underlying Golden Dawn system, but the qabbalistic doctrine felt too dogmatic and constricting for me.

Just look at 10 pentacles in the RWS system:
The qabbalistic tree imagery influences the  intrepretation of this card.

compare this with the 10 diamonds in standard (French style) playing cards:

There are no distracting  occult symbols in the standard playing cards…now I take up the challenge to see this card with a fresh outlook…it feels like refurbishing an empty room with my own stuff.

Considering the pips are numbered 1-10, the highest number is 10…this is an ending/completion of a cycle.
Diamonds were originally coins, money.

My intrepretation would be:  a maximum amount of money/finances.
On the positive side: a treasure, jackpot.
On the negative side: extreme wealth will attract thieves and other predators.

Comparing the intrepretation of this playing card with the Oracle card  31-Celebration:
The inheritance of knowledge, skills, finances, all those things that were passed down by the ancestors should be applied in a sensible way.
Finding a balance between hoarding and over-indulging, between keeping the secret knowledge and throwing pearls to swine, between rote repeating the past methods and disregarding everything.

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