Tarot makeover 00: workshop

Recently I followed the 5-day Tarotmakeover workshops

Day 1:

Think about a Tarot reading that went really well. What were you doing and who were you being that made it such a positive and enlightening experience?

That one period when I met my twin soul, I fell head over heels in love.
As soon as I drew the Tarot, I was confronted by the Tower.
It confirmed my intuition: this will hurt, this will throw my whole life upside down.
The rest is history… the oracle told me the painful truth.
Nevertheless it was an enlightening experience.
The positive part: I learned to trust my intuition.

Who are you as a Tarot reader? What are your unique gifts and talents that you can incorporate into your Tarot readings and that will empower you and your clients?

I use the Tarot as window into the other realities: the influences of the past, the dynamics of the presents, the possibilities of the future

Day 2:

How do you want your sacred space to look and feel like? 

minimal: clean desk, charged by previous cleansing/meditation.

Go ahead and create your sacred space.
Then, ask a question and pull a card and interpret the message.
What did you experience? 

Investigating the question: How is the relation between angel cards and tarot working out?

SYT angel
The oracle says: Hope-Miracle Making – Free yourself 
Affirmation PS 90.2: I will trust

Tarot: six of wands – VICTORY

interpretation: the connection between the Angel oracle and the Tarot works good!

Day 3

Brainstorm five powerful, choice-based questions that you could ask the Tarot. 

What is the best practice to build up my spiritual framework?
How do I connect with my spirit-helper in a good way?
How can I find my twin soul?
What is the best way to share my skills and knowledge?
How can I align myself with my mission in this life?

Day 4:

ask one powerful question, pull 3 Tarot cards, and tell the story. 


investigating the question: What is the best practice to build up my spiritual framework?

Three cards:

First impressions:

Only minors: a practical advice

Two pentacles, one wand: after a lot of groundwork, creating energy


Doing the Great Work is the solitary path to Mastery

Day 5:

Find a partner and do a Tarot reading for them, integrating what you
have learned so far.

Because I did not find a suitable sparring-partner in time, I had to skip this question.

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