Tarot makeover 02: swap reading

Q: How do I connect with my spirit-helper in a good way?

Q ♠, 6 ♠, HANGED MAN.
Go for a walk, go outdoor to clear your mind and step out for a moment from your busy life.
Walk with nothing precise in your head.
Just the intention to connect more with your spirit helpers.
Then after a while see what pops in your mind. Is it something that’s bothering, something you’re happy about.
Consider these “thoughts” and see if it’s something you have to solve or pursue…
Meditation (hanged man) is a very good option.
In this case maybe active meditation.

Don’t :
5 ♠ C ♠ of swords, STRENGTH.
Don’t be too pushy on yourself. (Treat yourself kindly.)
It’s seems that you have a high level of expectations, which is not a bad thing as long as you’re not putting yourself down everytime you don’t reach your goal.
So don’t rush on what’s bad or what you see as “mean”, you’re a human with Qualities and faults, accept that it will help you to shortened the distance between you and your spiritual helpers.

Feedback on reading:
The DO aligns with the path I am already take: active meditation (tai ji/qi gong).
The DO’nts are really a good warning, I have the tendency to keep high standards for my self and others.

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