Psalm 18

Love is my strength
It is the rock that is my anchor,
my home, my shelter,
my steadfast friend, my respite.
I call to Love when in danger,
I rely on Love in the time of death;
In distress Love rises to my lips.

Hurricanes rage, tornadoes destroy,
The sea rises like a mountain
and the mounatins shake and fall like waves;
The dark and the light dance and sparkle as
Stars leap across time to the rhythm of Love,
Lightening and river kiss in passion, tongues touching,
At the call of Love.

Love is my strength.
She has tucked me in the down of her wing,
Fed me a merciful harvest.

Comfort to my body,
balm for my soul,
answer to my longing,

Angela Magara

2 thoughts on “Psalm 18

  1. Wat ik zo bijzonder vind aan Angela Maqara, is de manier waarop zij op haar eigen-wijze manier oude bijbelteksten nieuw leven inblaast met dichterlijke her-intrepretaties.

    Het is goed dat zoiets gebeurd, want anders fossiliseert de Bijbel teveel.


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