Month: July 2016


Ik beloof trouw aan mezelf,
aan mijn voorouders
gidsen en helpers
en aan het Pad
dat ik te gaan heb



Today I visited Emporium of wonders, where I had in interesting meeting with House Of Mulani:

They offered the chance to experience my personal commitment ritual: with a lover, friend, spirit, whatever…
I had a wonderful exchange with the ritual facilitator, sharing views on being true:
What does it mean, being true?
In any relationship (at work, with friends, with a lover) it might happen you lose track of your self, your own path, sacrificing your self to bind the other, but losing your own soul will not save any relationship.

So I chose to commit my self to my Self


my self
to my Self
to follow
my personal path
opening my Self
to the Divine

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Labyrinth in Hoftuin Hermitage

Vandaag liep ik tweemaal het Labyrinth in de Hoftuin van de Hermitage, met de intentie om me te bezinnen op terugkerende themas in relationele sfeer. Het labyrinth meditatief inlopen, ervaar ik vaak als de afdaling van Innanna in de onderwereld. De eerste ronde deed ik op blote voeten, om de verschillen in de ondergrond goed … Continue reading Labyrinth in Hoftuin Hermitage


This is my deepest wish for now: being TOGETHER with my beloved, to share our lifepath. Challenge: TRUST. What is witholding me, what is blocking me to open up to Spirit? lack of trust, fear to be taken, loss of control, having to sacrifice my heart's blood. My meetings with messengers from the Otherworld often … Continue reading Desire